Forever Home Update

It has been a while since I provided a Forever Home Update. If you looked at the weather network forecast you will see no sign of spring. When we looked at that Friday night we knew that we couldn't slack off like we have been and get to work.

The next steps for the Forever Home are to wrap the entire outside home with a hard insulation(we need to do this to meet code requirements based on our addition and the old house). Once that is done we will wrap the house.  

As of Sunday night this is where we stand, the entire back is covered with the insulation.

The 2 plywood pieces are going to be windows

 I am still so in LOVE with the overhanging roof above the entrance doors.

This pictures proves no perfection here, so much mess to clean up but progress is really happening! 

If we didn't have so much amount of snow sitting around the house this job would have taken us at most 2 days. Those insulation pieces are incredibly light. So working together I could bring them all out of the basement to where ever Branko was and he would nail them down. 


Winter wrecked havoc on us and this job has taken us over 4 days combined. Walking through the snow carrying these things are a pain in my arse. Then we had to dig up the snow around the entire parameter of the house. 

Here is our to-do list for the next 30 days. We have a week vacation in April which we are praying for some decent weather because we feel a lot of work will be done. 

- Shingle the entire roof

- Run the floor joists in the master bedroom

- Remove the remaining ceiling and insulation 

- Rebuild and move the stairs to the new location 

- Start running the plumbing from the old house to the new part

- Run all of the electrical in the old and new part 

- Move the electrical panel

The list might be a little ambitious right????