Garage Update - Dream Garage

Just a quick update on the garage as I am on vacation! The garage will have an ongoing garage update posts and I feel like it needs a special title that can be continuous.... Man Cave, Dream Garage..a co-worker calls it the Man Mansion...What should I call it??

Over the weekend we worked on putting up the walls, the first day was long and tiring but the second day seemed to motor along really quickly. 

If you've just started following along you can check out the details of the garage details


Six garage doors in the front, 2 man doors at each end, and 2 large windows on each pop out. 

The trusses will take 4 weeks to be ordered so for now this is how it will sit and during this time we will work on the house, so stay tuned for more updates!

I will leave you with this picture I was able to snap this morning, it was nice and dewy here with a red tint in the sky....

Hope you all have a great last week of summer and a Happy Long Weekend!