Princess Margaret Lottery Home Wine & Dine Night

The Princess Margaret home wine & dine event request could not have come at a better time. I was in need of serious inspiration as this winter has made it terribly difficult to work on the Forever Home.

My response was YES please to the RSVP. The home was in the King/Vaughan area, I was able to head over after work and enjoy a night filled with food prepared by the amazing

Chef Steve Gonzalez


Valdez Restaurant

located downtown Toronto on King St. and wine tasting prepared by



Rosewood Wine

which is located in Beamsville. 

The night started off with a private showing of the 3.85 million dollar home by the designer himself Jack Celli of Greenpark Homes.

The first thing I noticed in the entrance were these chairs. So grand and beautiful that I was too scared to sit on them! Behind the entrance was the dining room. The design feature I enjoyed the most in here were the velvet stripes on the wall. As you can see in the picture the mirror reflects the other wall which matches. I love that they covered both walls instead of doing 1 feature wall.

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night) 

The next room I enjoyed was the master bath! So many things that were just stunning in here. I loved how the Hackwood flooring continued into the main bath area from the bedroom and tile was laid down to step out of the shower(which was massive). I love the faucets on the free standing tub. An island stood in the middle of the room with a sink on each side. 

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night) 

I'm pretty sure you get the idea of this room! Truthfully the thing I loved the most in this room were those 2 lights on each side of the runway! I could see this room being used for that little princess daughter having the time of her life trying on her mamma's shoes and walking down that runway. 

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night)

Only a veranda like this can make winter look beautiful. This area is going to be great for those long summer nights and watching the sun set. 

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night)

The picture below was provided to us by the amazing host of the night Laura Z. The stunning kitchen! Jack told us the entire design inspiration around the house started off with those hanging chandelier. 

photo via Laura Z. 

Now onto the food & wine! 

Everything Chef Steve made was soooo tasty! We don't get into Toronto too often but I am sure Branko would love the food he cooks. Hopefully during the summer we have a chance to check it out! 

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night)

In that little cup is dessert! A coconut rum raisin mixture frozen on a stick. If you follow along on my blog you know how much I love coconut!!!

photos via Andrea(my guest of the night)

Oddly enough Rosewood Wines is down the street from our parents Restaurant in Beamsville. The next time I visit my parents I will be sure to stop in and pick up some of the wine we tasted with Krystina! Especially the first one she talked about, it had such a beautiful taste to it. Krystina also comes from a family of bee keeping! She educated us on the process of making honey and taking care of bees which was pretty interesting and gifted us all with a bottle of Wildflower Honey! Probably one of the best honey's I have ever tasted! The honey will be available in Chapters so make sure you keep your eye out for Rosewood estates honey and the wine will soon be available at the LCBO. 

Jordana from White Cabana

and myself with our honey. 

The evening turned out to be so much more than I expected. From the personal tour of the home to the wine and food as well as running into Jordana and hanging out with my sister, it was a night full of laughs. 

This home is stunning in so many ways and I was definitely able to soak in all of the inspiration I needed. Even though I know our Forever Home will never be worth 3.85 million dollars in my mind it will be forever priceless. 

Now that you were able to hear about how amazing this home is make sure you link up


and purchase your very own ticket!!!!