September Happenings - Gluten Free Expo and Blogpodium

September is shaping up to be a busy busy month!!!

First a little about me and why I would be going to a Gluten Free Expo. (


No, I am not on one of those fad diets hoping to get skinny fast, in actual fact many gluten free products contain tons of sugar!!

If you follow along on twitter you may have seen a few


raging comments about being gluten free. Last year was a rough year for my stomach and finally we had some tests done to verify if I may have a gluten issue, low and behold the tests came back sky high! I was sent to specialist who confirmed this with some more tests and then that was it. Gluten Free was the way I had to go.

To be honest with you it hasn't been the end of world, I mean there is much more devastating things that happen to people out there.

So with that being said I am excited to be attending the Gluten Free Expo here in Toronto on Sept. 14th!

The following weekend I will be attending my first ever Blogpodium!! (


If you haven't heard about Blogpodium you can read more details on the event


I am very much looking forward to meeting so many bloggers that I have been following along and also learn, learn, learn!!!

If you are attending either one of these events I hope to see you around!!!