Things I'm Loving Lately #2

Since my last post of "Things I'm Loving Lately" was so popular I thought maybe it would be fun to continue sharing with you all some more new items I have been really loving.

This chocolate!!! One of the main reasons I am loving the Alter Eco chocolate bars is because of low amount of ingredients in each bar. You can purchase these at Whole Foods or Bulk Barn. I keep them kicking around and sometimes will break 1 or 2 small pieces off and bring it to work.

The Mint one is by far my favourite.

A paleo friendly dessert that I have become in love with and so simple to make:

Toasted Coconut:

1 tsp coconut oil

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut

1 tsp maple syrup

Whipped Coconut Milk:

2 tbsp coconut milk(preferably cold)

1 tsp maple syrup

Whip the coconut milk and add the maple syrup. You can also add some frozen raspberries to this or skip the maple syrup all together.

Heat the coconut oil in a small pan and add the shredded coconut. Once it starts browning add the maple syrup. The maple syrup gives the coconut a special crunch and sweetness.

1 cup fresh blueberries or 1 banana. (OR BOTH) :)

Put the berries in a small bowl and top with coconut milk whip, then top with toasted coconut.

I took a small shopping trip on Valentine's Day as I needed something from Sephora and popped into Zara. I normally don't find anything but the second I saw this vest I knew I had to have it!

A "Love Day" gift to myself! My favourite part is all of the small leather details.

I was on the hunt for a nice throw/blanket. My sister came across Cambie Design and picked up the one below for me.They currently have no stock on the website but new product will be coming in shortly in the mean time you can just follow them on Instagram @cambiedesign

Make sure you check them out and they are Canadian!

I absolutely love this blanket. It's light but warm. We use it all year. In the winter I sometimes bring it with my in the car when I am driving and in the summer it's perfect for those chilly nights outside. I plan on buying a second one when the Forever Home is done because you can never have enough of these lying around. 

I joined MyFitnessPal!! Now I know everybody knows about this website and if you don't and are looking to track your food intake this website is great! I signed up to myfitnesspal last year but was not impressed with some of the functionalities with saving your food and changing your portion sizes but I am pretty sure they have issued some upgrades because I found that using the app on my iPad was much easier this go around. 

My eating habits have changes drastically in the last 3 weeks. When I first started I could not believe the amount of food I was eating during the day. I would love to build my friend list on here because I feel that it keeps you more accountable! So if you are just joining or are a member already send me a quick email with your contact information and I will add you as a friend! 

A day trip to Buffalo always involves grocery shopping. You can't go wrong with the products available and the prices!

Trader Joe's:

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - $5.99 (In Canada the one I purchase is $10.49 and the jar has less)

Coconut Cream $1.49 (A good quality coconut milk in Canada is $3.49)

Coconut Water - $2.99 (Ummmmmmmmm WHAT THE HELL - in Canada it is between $4.99 & $6.99)

Organic Gluten Free Chicken Broth - $1.99 (In Canada I can pay up to $4.99-$5.99 for this)

The other products I don't think are even available in Canada:

Chobani Almond Coco Loco - these are so tasty! This one is Almond + Coconut and I scored them on sale at Target for $1.00

Larabar ALT Chocolate Chip Macaroon - pretty sure these are not available in Canada. I don't eat powerbar/granola bars too often anymore but when I do I always stick with Larabar.

Angie's BOOM Chicka Pop - White Cheddar - I know BOOM Chicka pop has become more available in Canada but I am not sure I have seen the White Cheddar flavour anywhere.

Peeled Snacks - All gluten free - Peeled snacks are available but not the new clusters! These are so tasty!

I also picked up this  cute dress and button up shirt from Target! I paired the shirt with the vest up top!

Hope you enjoyed all things I'm loving lately! I would love to hear of any products or stores you love to check out when crossing the border OR even any local shops in the GTA!