Two Day Transformation - Forever Home Update

Over the course of seven days we worked on the Forever Home for 2 days.

March 30th

- Morning capture of the home.

The plan:

1. Burn all of the wood below the left side large window.

2. Stuff the garbage bags with all of the insulation sitting outside the left side large window.

3. Install as many windows as possible.

Completed at the end of day March 30th:

1. Two windows installed and wrap around the front left side of the house.

2. All of the wood was burned and most garbage collected.

Sunday, April 3rd.

1. Collected more exposed wood to burn

2. Put up wrap front right side, back left addition, and side left addition.

3. Installed 4 windows. ( 2 front right side, 1 side of addition on the left wall, and 1 back window left addition)

4. Cut down OLD TV tower that was located centre back of the house.

April 3rd Side View:

Next step will be to finish off the wrap in the back of the house and start preparing to shingle roof.