Scattered Renovation Brain

Bear with me as this is my first time blogging! I have decided I wanted to keep a record of our home reno phases. All of our feats that we will encounter the good and the bad. We recently bought 49 acres of land with a home on it that needs to be completely renovated. The home has been in the same family for 40 years originally built buy Viceroy Homes. It has stunning ceilings and is perched on a hilly point of the land. A large deck was created where 2 lazy boy chairs will eventually sit. This spot was made so perfectly for the sunrise and the sunset.

Our brains have been on constant reno mode with a strict budget. I have decided that I would love to restore some old furniture pieces to keep the place to its country appeal but also add modern touches.

Our first major phase will be to rip out everything inside including the old brown carpet, the ancient kitchen and the green bathtub. We also need to move some walls and change some windows to allow more natural sunlight into the home. I think I over scattered my brain with reno websites. I have looked at every kitchen style, colour combos, lighting fixtures. I wish I could grasp an idea of what I really wanted and just stick to it! The house is also entirely paneled with red ceder walls and ceilings included and what doesn't have paneling has wall paper! We recently had a designer come to the place to help us decide what to do with the kitchen area and make drawings of what is going to be an addition of a mudroom to the main entrance and also a master bedroom with en-suite washroom(my dream bathtub is so close!)

Here is a picture of the inside...

I guess that will be all for tonight.....but I should also mention one last important note to our home reno project.....we will be doing all of the hard work on our own! Just my husband and myself. That should be interesting ;)