Sometimes I surprise myself...

Another weekend of home renovating and without power to boot! We went to the house Friday after work to find a letter at our door. We have been so busy in between the 2 houses and fixing our cars that we forgot to switch over the Hydro information. This was me :(. I tend to get cold very easily so instantly I had this fear of how the hell am I going to work in there all weekend with no heat!!! It didn't help that it was cold and windy outside. The plan for this weekend was to restructure the walls we were removing and install new beams to match the existing beam and also gut the remaining washroom covered in tiles on the wall. One of Branko's good friends showed up to help out since lifting a beam was probably going to be unsafe for me to tackle so as they were working on that I was starting to get very cold. Branko suggested I start removing some drywall off of one of the walls. 

I tried and tried and let me tell you when I watched them remove the other drywall it looked so darn easy! Well it's not!!! I picked up that hammer made a large enough opening but my strength was just not there to rip off the dry wall :(. Sad face again I sat down feeling defeated. At this point I was freezing, couldn't feel my fingers. I was bundled up in a t shirt, sweater and jacket with 2 pairs of thick socks and very warm Ugg boots. I wanted to just go home! My husband being the manly man that he is suggested I stop whining and go to the washroom and try to remove the tile from the wall. Success!!! This was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. Still not an easy task as some of the tiles came off so easy but others were just not budging! Still I finished most of the washroom and also warmed up very quickly. Even removed my jacket :)  

Check out our new beam!!! (Side note you can see on the side of that wall where I attempted to rip out drywall)

And course my bathroom work :)

Weekend was a success and we completed all of the tasks we set out for our self. We even had a visit from our new neighbors and there 4 kids. They were kind enough to invite us over once we were done for day. They seem like great people, looking forward to more visits and new friendships! 

This coming week we have a lot planned out...ordering all of the windows and a new sliding door, starting on our electrical work and building some new walls. 

Here is a final picture once we were completed Sunday night and cleaned up! 

This weekend it's supposed to be +13 on Sunday. Branko and I have a coffee date on our deck, we are totally looking forward to it!