April 11th....

Today is April 11th which is my progress update on our home renovation project.  Please keep in mind we are renovating 2 homes. The new one which we plan to move into and live there "forever" and the old one which we plan to sell. Last week we set a big goal for ourselves to have lots of the work completed this weekend. Considering it was Easter Weekend and we had family plans for Good Friday and Easter Sunday we were actually able to get a lot of work done. 

Here is our list from last week:

Wood staked behind the garage(this wood is about 3ft high)
- Dirt moved from the front lawn to the back of the garage (there is about 2 truck loads of dirt)-

- Lawn levelled and seeded (almost 1 acre)
- Plant trees on the front lawn (4 trees to plant)- 3 Stumps removed and burned 
- Deck repaired and stained 
- All trim in the house completed
 - Roof Shingles replaced 
Bushes planted, flower beds cleaned (we have 6 flower beds)

Not too bad!!!! Well we completed almost all of these tasks but not fully. LOL 

The wood behind the garage is almost all stacked, there is about 1 bucket of dirt left from the front lawn. The 3 stumps are all gone! The roof shingles are almost done :( this took up most of the weekend which was not anticipated. I believe there are a few sections remaining that needs to be done. The flower beds have been cleaned out, I just need to pull some bushes that died from last year. The ground is still really solid so I am thinking maybe another week or 2 and I should be able to pull them out. 

I was able to also paint 3 windows and the back porch door. Had the weather been nice yesterday we would have gotten so much more done. The windows on the outside were this ugly green so we decided to paint them black. They look so much better and we are really happy with the outcome. 

I am hoping the weather this weekend is going to be better with at least some sun so we can get more outside work completed. The quicker we can get this house completed the sooner we can get to the fun project in our new home! 

The Easter weekend was great as usual. We had a nice dinner with Branko's family on Good Friday at his parents place with his brother/gf and 2 of there cousins. Easter Sunday was spent with my parents, brother/wife(her parents), and my younger sister. My mom made obscene amounts of food as usual which was great because we had left overs for 2 days which meant no cooking for me! 

Hope everybody had a great long weekend! Until next time..... 

Happy Home Renovator