No resting here....

Ahhhhhh another weekend has passed us and a busy one it was! The weather outlook called for rain all weekend so the original plans were to head over to the new house or work on my car :( (sadly it is still not running the greatest). Saturday came around the sun was shining so the plans quickly changed. We need as much good weather as we can get to prepare our old home for sale. So we used the opportunity to get working outside. Branko finally completed the new shingles on the roof and I painted a couple more windows outside. While I went grocery shopping, he was able to transplant 5 trees to a new spot to make the front yard more appealing and so here it is after what feels like a hundred hours of labour our front yard is finally shaping up to look real nice! (It's kind of sad in some way that we are leaving after all of this hard work) 

Landscaping - 30 trees cut down

This area of the yard used to about 30 ugly pine trees, last year when we started this project we didn't ever think we would be moving away so we wanted the front yard to be me appealing. We think the outcome is great and hope whoever the new owners will be are going to appreciate all of the hard work that was done. 

Sunday I had a family function to attend and Branko decided to stay home to get some more work done. We still needed to rake that entire area and clean out all of the small rocks so that the grass could grow properly and then seed the area. I came home around 5:30pm and Branko had been working away all day so as soon as I got home I changed into my work clothes and went out to help. Let me tell you, I am not sure how he did this work all day by himself. After 2 hours of working with him my entire body was aching. I was glad I was able to help though, we chatted throughout the 2 hours and I told him about the family function and he talked about his visit with the neighbours. The time sure flew by! 

I would never have thought in a million years that I would be doing this type of "country girl" outdoor work. I really hate bugs. But I can see myself changing more and more everyday! Seeing the completed work come together is really rewarding and knowing you didn't have to pay somebody to do the work for you feels even better. 

PS: I still love my shopping so I haven't fully converted. :) 

Here are some pictures of us doing hard labour! 



The weekend is over but the hard work is definitely not over. We have another full week ahead of us of hard work planned. I am hoping to get a second coat of paint on the windows and Branko will probably work on the yard some more. 

Until next weekend have a great week!!