One step at a time....

This weekend was sort of a write-off. Branko needed to fix his car properly and I had to stick around in case he needed a second hand or the truck to run to the store. The weather factor didn't really help either. 

I thought I would show off some pictures of the windows and doors I painted . I am very happy with the outcome of painting them black. Even though it was a bold choice it looks much better then the ugly green that it was before. 

Goodbye ugly green windows! 

This is the back of our old house, the deck will be painted once the weather clears up. 

Other things I was up to this weekend was organizing! I was able to donate 3 bags of clothes and also started working on storing all of my pantry goods in sealed jars. Once I have them all in containers I will go over to Staples and pick up the new Martha Stewart labels,5080&webid=366170&affixedcode=WW

I picked up my jars at the dollar store and Wal-mart. Here are some of my favourites...shredded coconut, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and dark choc chips :)  

A couple of other things that I have been up to is trying to get back into squeezing some exercising into my hectic lifestyle. I have never been a fan of  the daily gym grind so I always have to think of other ways to get some healthy movement into my daily activities. Last year I took some awesome boot camp classes with

 my instructor Lisa was a great motivator and really worked us hard. I would love to join up again but the only class I could take was the one closest to work that left me sitting around after work for 2 hours waiting for class to start. (on a side note if you want to try out a boot camp this is the one!!!). I have 1 hour lunch break so I decided from a tip of another co-worker to do laps around the underground parking garage. It started off with 2 easy laps on the first day and by the 3rd day I included a 3rd lap(totalling just under 3KM) and also climbing the stairs at work. I try to get in at least 13-15 flights of stairs in one day. 

And now for a couple of shout out's to some other great blogs/webpages I love to follow.

 is freaking amazing!! Her website is all about vegan cooking and even though I am not a vegan I have found her recipes so helpful with my healthy eating and incorporating more veggies! Check out her Endurance Crackers and Whole Foods Layered Salad With Oil-Free Orange Ginger Dressing. Definitely 2 of my favourites!

 I came across Jess's website through twitter. She talks about healthy weight loss and so many other things. Her #OOTD(outfit of the day) posts are also fantastic(although not helping our bank account ;). She is truly inspiring and for anybody that struggles with weight management then she is one to follow. I just recently started following her and already came to realize how REAL she is. Oh by the way she is also a trainer for booty camp fitness and does some great videos for working out at home using the same boot camp style work outs. 

And of course my fellow blogger


Trissy and I met through our work volunteer program(yes on top of working we volunteer 100hrs of our own time to charity events and work related conferences.) She talks about family, life struggles and of course on the process of bringing Furman home :) 

Wow, I believe I went a little bit off topic today but this renovating project that Branko and I are venturing into is all about balancing our daily lives and building our home which we are both very excited about! 

I am hoping that in the next 2 weeks we will be able to get back to the new house, we made a visit on the weekend with Branko's parents to show his mom what we completed so far and being there just made me more excited about completing the project and enjoying our time with friends and family in our new home. 

Until next time let's all try to get through the next 2 days of crappy weather and hope the weekend is bright and sunny!