Who knew we would be so excited to have the plumbing started! This weekend was a huge success. It started off with me having Friday off. (insert happy smile) I had some errands to run, doctor's appointment and all that fun stuff. Saturday morning we were up bright and early. Our friend met us with his plumber friend at our new house around 9am. Everything was measured out for the new washroom and the kitchen. We made some minor changes. The new washroom was going to have a standing shower and a bathtub and no window. While the guys were gone to purchase all the supplies needed to do the plumbing work, Branko and I made a decision on some bathroom changes. We eliminated the standing shower and decided to add a large window in the washroom instead. This will allow us to have a larger vanity, more space in the washroom and some much needed natural lighting. In the future when our master bedroom addition is completed the en-suite washroom will have a large standing shower and a free standing tub. 

It felt really good to have a large job like that out of the way. 

While the guys were working on the plumbing work I was sure to keep myself busy for most of the day. I used the shop-vac to start cleaning the floors and all of the corners of the house. Because it had not been lived in for so long there were many dead bugs lying around. If anybody knows me they know I am terrified by any kind of bug. So I was pretty happy to start getting rid of those little creatures. 

Something else that I kept myself busy with was testing out paint for a feature wall. In previous posts I talked about an idea that was given to us from our designer to leave one wall of the red cedar panelling and paint it a unique colour like black. She also suggested we leave the wood railing in for now and match that to the paint colour to the wall. 

You can see the arrow pointing to the wall that we are going to paint. I did a test run on some other panelling that is still up and we thought it looked pretty unique. The paint will be a semi-gloss and not a flat black so it has some sheen to it. If worse comes to worse and we really don't like it we can remove the panelling and add dry-wall as we had originally planned. 

What I also wanted to do was hang 2 large paintings with quotes on them on that wall. Insert help of little sister ;) She is the artistic one who isn't shy of telling me the truth. I am hoping she likes my idea or is able to run with it and figure out something better. 

I have already sent her a picture of the 2 paintings I want to hang(which she will have to make :). 

One of the painting says "Grow old with me the best has yet to be" These words have special meaning to us. They were on our invitations for our wedding and was also used in our wedding album. I want to be able to hang them just the way they are in the picture.

This weekend we have some more plans for the new house...stay tuned!