A post of just pictures :)

Lately I have been thinking about the new house more and more. I just can't wait for that day when everything is done. Brand new hard wood floors, that beautiful grey kitchen that I have been dreaming about and the huge windows installed covering the majority of the front of the house. That day when we can sit on the porch on soak in the peace and quiet and the sun. That day will come soon I know I just have to be patient. 

So today is just a post of pictures because all I do all day long is visualize what the place will look like when it's all done and how far we have come. 


Front Yard

"The old kitchen space"

"The new kitchen space" - as you can see we gutted the wall to the left in the picture. The kitchen will stretch out along that back wall, the existing window will be replaced with a larger window. The fridge will be hidden in that nook area with pantry style cupboards beside them. An island is also going to be installed. 


The grey kitchen I dream about.

"The dining area" - the windows are also being replaced here. One very large window will cover the existing window area and all the way down the floor. A new harvest dining table will sit here. That one wall with the red cedar is still up in the air. It was suggested that we do something bold like paint it black or white and match the railing. Thoughts people???

Dining Room 

The living room

"The now more open living room" - the wall is gone on the left side of this picture. A new patio door is being inserted, the walls will be drywalled and painted to make the place look more open and warm and less cabin style home. 

Living Room

Living Room

I will end this off with some puppy love. We think Boss is going to love his new home. 

Hope you all enjoy the gallery!