(Extra) Long Weekend = To do List Weekend

This weekend is our as we call it "May 2-4" weekend or more formally known as Victoria Day Holiday. Branko and I usually take some extra days off during long weekends. We decided to take Tues(May22nd) and Wed(May 23rd) off because our windows should be in **fingers crossed** by Sunday. This means we can go Monday morning pick up our windows and use Tues and Wed to install them. An even better situation would be if the windows came in early and we could go pick them up on Sunday. 

Last night Branko decided to create a list for everything we need to accomplish for our long weekend. By the time we were done the list I was already tired.  

The "To-Do" List: Completion Time Frame May 16th - May23rd

May 16th(old house)

- Install 3 trees on the front lawn

- Rake the dirt even and remove large debris

- Seed the area with grass

- Burn all the wood and stumps

- Check the Truck front end and order the parts for Sunday

May 17th(old house):

- Fix the deck

- Spread the triple mix on the front lawn

- Install last 5 trees around the garage on the slope

- Order Siding for the 


May 18th(old house):

-  Finish painting all the outside windows 

-  Work on the Jetta

May 19th(old house):

- Work on the Jetta

- Stain the deck

- Move all large car parts to the new house

- Weed and Mulch the flower beds

May 20th(old house):

- Finish up the flower beds and the clean up around the house

- Move more stuff to the new house

- Move Boss's house and seed the area with grass

May 21st(new house):

- Pick up the windows

- Install 4 windows

May 22nd(old house):

- Finish installing the windows

- Finish up the yard

- Work on the mud room

- Finish staining all the trim and baseboards

May 23rd(old house):

- Pick up the siding

- Wrap the garage

- Start installing the siding

May 24th:


Most of the work to do this weekend will be on the old house since we are going to try and get it up for sale by mid-June. My only saving grace is that our old house and new house are only 5 minutes away from each other. 

On a side note decorating is constantly on my mind. I recently found some other very enthusiastic home renovators(check out http://thesweetestdigs.com/ and http://ramblingrenovators.blogspot.ca/) that I have been following and let me tell you I am really excited about some DIY projects that I will be doing! I need to start planning ahead of time since I do not want to be spending an arm and leg on furniture! For the living room we already know that we want a L shaped couch preferably in a grey tone, fabric material and wide seating. I have been looking around at a couple of stores and already found a few sectionals that I really like that I am willing to spend the money on but for the accenting pieces I would prefer to spend less and maybe work on some DIY projects to tie into our living room setting and the L shaped couch. 

On Friday I walked into a Home Outfitters and came across some beautiful leather wing-back type chairs(wish I would have snapped some pictures) I believe they must have been close to $1000 a piece(way out of my budget!!!).

I remember a while ago when I was thinking about furniture I came across a website that sold used hotel furniture. A hotel liquidation type website. 

Insert wing-back chairs and DIY project! 

The website I came across has several types of these chairs! They are just under/around $200 a piece. I would say that is pretty good price! I still have to look into the cost of material and Branko already knows a seamstress that may be able to cover the chairs for us with a material of our choice. (haha yes it is weird that my manly-man husband has a seamstress, but he uses her/him for his cars) 

If you have worked on any reupholstering projects please send me some tips!!