I'm Alive!!!!......BARELY!

We only had two days in the office this week since we took some extra holidays. Coming to work was more like a rest day considering the amount of work we've done during the five days we had off. We didn't get everything completed on the list but, to be honest I think it was a little unrealistic of us. The heat over the weekend was just crazy. It forced us to stop working from 1-3pm on two of the days because it was so hot! I've crossed off a few things on the list but we needed two extra nights of working to complete anything that is marked completed. Also, our windows did not come in until Thursday, May 24th, which means Friday night after work we are headed to the States to pick up the windows. We really didn't want to lose an entire Saturday or Sunday going to the States and back so we figured it's best we got it out of the way Friday. 

The "To-Do" List: Completion Time Frame May 16th - May23rd

May 16th(old house)

- Install 3 trees on the front lawn

- Rake the dirt even and remove large debris

- Seed the area with grass

- Burn all the wood and stumps

- Check the Truck front end and order the parts for Sunday

May 17th(old house):

- Fix the deck

- Spread the triple mix on the front lawn

- Install last 5 trees around the garage on the slope

- Order Siding for the garage

May 18th(old house):

-  Finish painting all the outside windows 

-  Work on the Jetta

May 19th(old house):

- Work on the Jetta

- Stain the deck

- Move all large car parts to the new house

- Weed and Mulch the flower beds

May 20th(old house):

- Finish up the flower beds and the clean up around the house

- Move more stuff to the new house

- Move Boss's house and seed the area with grass

May 21st(new house):

- Pick up the windows

- Install 4 windows

May 22nd(old house):

- Finish installing the windows

- Finish up the yard

- Work on the mud room

- Finish staining all the trim and baseboards

May 23rd(old house):

- Pick up the siding

- Wrap the garage

- Start installing the siding

May 24th:


As you can see most of the work completed was all YARD work! Seriously by the end of the five days I was perfectly happy not looking at a flower bed and just weed whacking! 

Can't wait till next week to post an update about the windows being installed! So exciting, really looking forward to seeing the new house change so quickly!