Window Love....

What a weekend! Our adventure started off with a drive to Buffalo to pick up our new windows. 8 windows were ordered. New dining room window, New bedroom window, 2 matching fixed windows for the living room, 2 windows for the kitchen, small new window for the small bedroom and 1 new window for the new wash room. 

Home Safe!!!

We ended up getting another $270 off of the windows, they had some slight damage from transportation so we had the option to ship them back for new windows or take them as is. The scratches were minor and you can't even see them when standing far back from the window. In total the new cost of our windows were $2800 that's including the all the taxes(american and Canadian 13%) We really could not beat that price. This will probably be one of the biggest savings decision we made. We ordered the windows from Home Depot in the states, delivered and installed them ourselves. 

I really had some doubts on my capability to move the largest windows. It weighed almost 200 lbs and was not the easiest to handle. Branko just convinced me that I could do it and so off we were. The hurdle to get them down from the trailer was pretty easy but the task to figure out how to get them up the small hill and into the house was a little daunting! Slowly but surely we got all of the windows safely in the house! 

We were able to get the 2 fixed windows installed beside the sliding doors and the one large window in the dining room area on Sunday. 

So here it is, the new window in the dining room! I have never been so excited. One for the fact that one of the large windows was completed and installed, two for how beautiful it looked! We were so excited we grabbed 2 chairs and sat in the dining room. You can now see the entire front yard where as before you could only see the top of the trees. We then went outside to view it from the front yard. From the outside you could really see the difference the new windows are making especially since the old windows are still in on the other side. Please don't mind all the garbage. We will be getting rid of that tonight :)

Here is a view from the inside. 

This week will be another full one, we will finish installing all of the windows. I will 

definitely be updating you with the new kitchen window pictures later in the week!