Two Years ago today I said " I DO"...

Yes, that's correct today is our Wedding Anniversary! I've never been a big celebratory kind of person. I don't need a fancy dinner and expensive gifts. But I certainly do like to reflect on the past 2 years. 

It's been pretty crazy to say the least. In 2 years we had plans drawn up for our home to build an addition, an addition to the garage that was already pretty big was completed ;), we cleared and cut down at least 40 very ugly 


 in our way on the front lawn,  we've gotten rid of 3 VW cars(we run our cars on vegetable oil so they have to be diesel cars from 2000-2003), we bought 2 more classic cars (classic cars page will be made soon!), then we randomly on a chilly December night decided that 2.5 acres was not enough so before we started our home addition that was scheduled to start April 2012 we went on a home hunt. In less then 2 months we found the perfect new home. 

That brings us to today, since Feb 7th we have been working very hard. Our old home was in no condition to sell because everything that needed to be fixed was planned for this year so we had been holding off on any repairs last year. I must say if it wasn't for Branko's determination I am not sure I would have lasted this long. We both have steady 9-5 jobs(more like 730am-4pm) and we both commute 1hr each way to work. Our weekends have consisted of work, work, and more work. Every time we become de-motivated we think about that beautiful new deck, the sunny mornings of being able to walk out in our bare feet and have our coffee and tea. Oh that day will come and hopefully soon. 

So with that said the past 2 years have been very exciting and the future looks even more promising. I am sure I will have enough to write about for a very very long time. 

Here are some pics from our big day :) 

"We love to Party"

We have a ton of work in-store for tonight. We need to mud the walls in the entry room. Repair a couple of pieces on the deck. Install one ceiling fan that is almost put together and ready to go. Once we finish that we will head to Home depot and buy paint for the entry room, baseboards, grout and return the slate tiles that we did not need. 

Maybe we will stop at Starbucks + Dairy Queen and have a quick date. I can get a tasty coffee frappaccino with some coconut and Branko will get his usual blizzard with strawberries and bananas. 

Anything you've been reflecting on lately?? I would love to hear some non-traditional anniversary celebratory stories ;)