Welcome Christiane!!

I am very excited to announce the arrival of my little niece! My brother and his wife had their beautiful little girl this weekend. She was 7lbs and her name is Christiane. This is an exciting time for our family since it is the first grandchild for my parents. My mom is completely over the moon and full of excitement and joy. She has been waiting for this little bundle of joy for a long long time! 

How cute is she!!!! 

With all of the baby excitement and some visitors on Saturday we didn't get much done around the house. I spent the better part of the morning cleaning house and then off to the hospital for a visit. Once I got home Nick(brother-in-law) and his girlfriend stop by for a visit. We chatted for a while, had some coffee. Visits with them are always fun. You always hear horror stories about in-laws and getting along with your extended family. Well I am thankful that I have a great relationship with my extended family. I am looking forward to new memories in our new home! 

Sunday we made sure we had a plan and knew we had to get something done! We don't have much time to just sit around any more(or in my case spend casual days shopping!) We decided we needed to get started on the "mudroom" in our old house. It needed a complete makeover. We had planned to change the door to enter the house, change all of the tiles, paint the room entirely. We installed the door with a few snags and then headed off to Home Depot. 

Sneak peak of the new slate! 

We picked out this slate on a whim, once we started putting it down I wasn't so sure about it but the more we put down the better it started looking. Once we paint the room and add a nice bench it's going to look perfect.