What!!! No Schedule!

It's Thurs and Branko has not sent me a schedule for the weekend! He must be confused or something and not realized the weekend is so close. 

We have about in exaggeration 3 million things to complete before the end of the month to stay on track and get the old house up for sale by June 30th. The list includes painting the house inside, replacing the vanity in the bathroom, painting the bathroom, replacing the carpet in the master bedroom, replacing some pieces of 2x6 wood pieces in the back deck and staining the deck, finish painting the window trims, finish the mudroom, and complete the second garage addition(yes we made a garage addition this was before we decided we were going to move). 

Did I forget anything??? Probably.... 

In between all of that I need time to visit my new little niece, attend my little sister's grad from UofT and start planning for the new house. 

I couldn't resist to add a picture, she's just too cute! 

So with all of that said do you normally create schedule's?? Sometimes they frustrate me and sometimes I love them. I told Branko going forward I would rather just see a list rather then a daily schedule and we will tackle it accordingly based on the weekend weather report. 

I'm sure once he reads this a "list" will arrive in my inbox. :)