Home Run

It's crazy to think back about the journey we've been on these past couple of months. Working in the heat, long nights, lots of thinking and re-thinking. We are in the Home run stretch of finishing this project and then the For Sale sign will go up. Once we reach that point all of our focus will go to the new house to get it ready so we can move in. 

This weekend we finally completed the final touches to the mudroom. Branko and his dad worked on the garage addition that needed to be completed. All the siding was put up now just the small details need to be finished. I managed to get some cleaning done inside the house and pack more stuff. This week will be full of painting and more cleaning. I am really looking forward to having our real estate agent come up and see all of the changes! I think she is going to love it. 

We even managed to hang out with our neighbours Sat night. It was full of laughter and "beverages". I will leave this post off with one of my favourite quotes.