Missing out on Summer

Yesterday I received an email from a very good friend who said she will be passing by our place on Saturday and driving up to Collingwood area to do a race(she's a super athletic runner and does some pretty amazing races, she also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, raced a full marathon and competes in triathlons) She asked if I wanted to pop into the car with her and head up to the race hang out, watch her race and then head home. I would have been home by around 1pm. When I mentioned it to Branko he was like "what! no way we have so much to do this weekend" (side note he really likes this friend of mine and is usually all for it whenever I want to hang out with her for a day) He clearly pointed out that while he was working outside I needed to paint the bedroom, paint the bathroom, fix all the paint trimming and clean the house because of the drywall dust that settled into the corners. He then tells me oh ya and I got rid of the baseball tickets we had for July 29th because we just won't have time to go. I'm pretty sure I felt deflated. I miss my friend, I miss some time to myself and I miss doing fun things with Branko. The summer is just passing by us, I can't believe it already July 20th!!! 

I understand that we won't be this busy forever and that soon enough my friend time and our date nights will come back. I sometimes sit back and wonder if we are working way too hard. We work on the house every night after work and almost all weekend. 

She was also an awesome bridesmaid!  

On that note, we also went to the new house last night to take some measurements of the powder room. I wanted to make sure that we could fit a decent vanity size in that small space. We have decided not to make the powder room larger by configuring where the sink will go, moving the door and installing a pocket door instead of a regular door. The vanity space is 40"!!!! I really thought it was going to be something around 30-32" so good news on that!  

I will leave this post off with this view which makes so many things that much better...this morning just me and the road....gotta love Fridays