My Country Drive....

Many people always ask me "how far do you live from work" 

me : "1hour drive"

people: " WHHHHHAATTTTT......that must take you forever!!!" 

me: " no not really, how long does it take you?"

people: "30min"

me: "ummmmmmmmm so I'm 30 min longer then you?" "what do you do in that 30 min when you first get home?

people: "watch tv" 

me: " well, in that 30 min I drive on a hilly country road with amazing scenery, release any pent up frustration from the day, blare the music really loud and sing at the top my lungs (on most cases Branko will call me and say "are you having a party in your car again?") 

people: "oh"

Yes "people" the drive is not that bad! When I get home the air is fresher and noise is....well there is no noise just peace and quiet while I sit outside on my cushy outdoor lazyboy chair with a coffee in hand. 

So for anybody out there that thinks they could never live in the country because they are worried about the commute think long and hard because the drive just isn't that bad. 

This is my view everyday that I drive home:

I'm curious to long is your commute???