Weekend update...

Our weekend was jam packed as usual. The numbers on our to-do list for the old house is coming close to an end. We have been working so hard but also taking some breaks along the way. 

The bathroom saga is finally coming all together. Branko's dad came up on Saturday and helped him out all day which we are both extremely thankful for! He installed new pot lights in the kitchen, finished all of the trim in the mudroom and helped him install the bathroom vanity. 

Sneak peak of the vanity installed! 

Other then that we made sure we enjoyed sitting outside on Sunday. Here are a some pictures I snapped while relaxing(I purchased a Canon T2i a couple of years ago and just love taking photos with it - see note at the end!)

The maple tree that we are going to greatly miss, it is so full that when we had some summer showers coming down we didn't get one drop on us:

Branko's Cars sitting pretty in the driveway:

On a side note I have been working on our kitchen dimensions in our new house. Who knew this was going to be such a daunting task! I almost have the island figured out. Now I just need to work on the rest of the cupboard space. Thank god for Ikea and Lowe's kitchen displays! ;) 

For all of you photography lovers out there if you have any tips on buying lenses new or used or photo editing websites please share!!