Aberfoyle Finds

This weekend for the first time in a long time we took Sunday off...meaning no renovation work, no yard work...nothing just a day of relaxing. 

The morning started off by heading out early..we've been wanting to check our Aberfoyle Antique Market for some time now. As you all know we actually tried a little over a month ago but our car broke down and we didn't make it. 

We took out Branko's classic car and headed down Forks of the Credit (beautiful drive) and into Belfountain. It's a quaint little town just South of Orangeville. We stopped in at Higher Ground Coffee Company & The Belfountain Village Store. I had a double espresso macchiato (it was excellent!) and Branko had a panini sandwich and some Sheldon Creek Dairy Milk...he was a happy boy...he loves his milk. 

Back on the road to Aberfoyle! 

Once we got there the first thing we came across were bar stools which we need for the new house! We decided to walk around some more to see what else we could find. Our second big find was the coffee table we had been looking for, again we decided to walk around some more before making any decisions. 

Half-way through the market and after seeing other vendors prices we decided we should go back to the guy with the coffee table...good thing we did!!! Some other lady was there and almost bought the table we wanted!!! 

So here it is....

We both love it! It will really ties into our rustic modern look that we are going for in our new home. 

After putting the deposit down we walked around some more...found tons of stuff but decided we will wait to purchase small items that were not really needed and knew it will still be there next time we go back. 

Before leaving though we both still had those bar stools on our minds so we went back and took one last look...sat in them for a while..discussed the pro/cons of the stools and also talked about other types stools that would fit into our home. The only other stools I found were $395 each from restoration hardware. Even though I knew we could afford them I knew deep down it was a bit unrealistic to pay $400 a barstool. 

Soooooo we decided to go with them...$150 for 3. I was a very happy girl! 

I plan on spray painting the iron black, refinishing the cushion part and also staining the small wood piece(more then likely to match our dining table/floor colour). 

They were in great shape and they also spin all the way around which will be great for entertaining purposes. :) 

Heading home Branko and I were both very happy with our purchases and knew that we will be visiting Aberfoyle more often. Branko found some great pieces that will look good in his shop once it's done. 

We made it home around 1pm had some time to relax, wash our cars and wait for our guests to show up. (Great visit with Bernadette and Jay!! Thanks for coming) 

We ended the night off with a stop at our new neighbours home(they have 25acres just down the street from us) After some wine and a bonfire we headed home around 10pm and went straight to bed!!! 

A complete day of friends and relaxing ( no renovation work!!) 

Drop a note below and let me know your Aberfoyle Finds or any other great antique markets you love.