My Photography - Meet the Lucic Family

Introducing to you my cousin and her family. A while ago she mentioned that maybe one day I can come and take some photos of the kids. Me being fairly new the to the photography world happily obliged.

Let me remind you I am not a professional photographer in any kind of way, it's just a hobby. I purchased a Canon T2i that came with 18mm - 55mm lens and recently I purchased the 50mm f1.8 lens so that I can attempt to take some better portrait photos.

I've also taken one small class in Orangeville just so that I could better understand some of the features on the camera. 

Any editing just came from playing around in Picasa/PicMonkey and reading a lot on Digital Camera World website. 

 Over 600 photos and 3hrs of editing here are my favorites:

So there you have it my first photo shoot. 

If you have any tips or super friendly websites for new photographers please drop a note below.