Vacation Time!

I've been kind of MIA in regards to my blogging about our home renovating and with good reason! We are kind of on a break. We finally finished everything we needed to do in the old home and put it up for sale. We set a goal date of when we would start renovating the new home and that time has come! 

In between the waiting time Branko had a few things he needed to do around the house and I had busy weekends. Made a trip back to Aberfoyle to pick up our coffee table and bar stools. My mom and sister joined me this time, my mom seemed to really enjoy Aberfoyle but she is probably best going on her own or with my dad. She loves to inspect every booth and item available! 

The coffee table is set up in the old home as a TV stand for now, Branko and I both really love it! 

 I also picked up a little surprise gift for Branko's garage (he loves his coke):

I also saw a few other things that I would have liked to pick up like this copper bucket from pottery barn: 

This one is $259.84...ummm no thank you! The one's I saw at Aberfoyle were between $60 and $90. Next time we go I will be sure to pick one up so I can use it to store our wood for the fireplace like the picture above. 

I also saw a ton of old window frames and would love to do something like this one day:

Now that I conveniently killed some time on pinterest this morning I should probably get back to getting work done. I am off to the new house to clean out the basement and have everything prepared for more storing.

This weeks plan is for Branko and I to complete the electrical work, rip out the old flooring on the upper level and create a new sub-floor, build the walls for the new bath room and also start on the drywall. 

The exciting part starts NOW! Bring on home renovating for our dream home!