Chainsaw safety 101....

 I thought it would be fun to share chain saw safety after our weekend experience. 

We had big plans for the weekend as usual. The area where the garage is going to go needed to be cleared fully since Branko had set up for somebody to come and level the land on Friday. 

We were doing great! Saturday Branko worked all day with our neighbour and cleared almost 75% of what needed to be done. On Sunday we made sure to get there bright and early to ensure we had a good start to the day...things were going along nicely and had we worked all day we probably would have finished. 

Then this happened....

Yup....Branko hacked is leg with the chainsaw...and yes he was unsafely working in running shoes and shorts. He was trying to be tough in this picture ;)

He was very lucky. He cut is leg above the knee in a very fatty area and did not hit any arteries or nerves. Oddly enough it barely even bled. was about 3inches wide and 1inch deep and he needed stitches. 

We jumped in the car and drove to the hospital...after a 3 hour wait he was all stitched up. 

The rest of the day was clearly a write off.. 

He learned his lesson. 

New purchases after this bad experience:

Safe to say he already picked up the pants and gloves. He will be stopping to purchase new work boots and eye safety gear this week so that once he heals he is prepared to get back to work. 

It's times like these that remind you to take a moment, breath and realize how short life is. This situation could have been much much worse and I am very thankful and happy that he will be OK.