Dinner around the Table....

Since we have been living together we have never been able to properly host a family dinner with both of our parents and siblings/significant others. The reason being is our current place is small. Our dining table only seats 4 people with no chance of squeezing in a 5th or 6th person. 

So when the decision to buy a new home was in the works every-time we looked at a home I always made sure that the dining area was large enough to fit a table of 6 comfortably but can squeeze in 8 if need be. 

Once we bought the new place the dining table search was on, we ended up finding local craftsmen who were very talented in carpentry.  

Not only were they talented their pricing was amazing and affordable. 

On Saturday before heading out to the wedding we stopped in the see the table since they called and said he is close the staining process and if we would like we could come in to see how it looked so far. 

Ohhhhhhhh the anticipation before we got there! 

Safe to say we very impressed, actually beyond impressed!!! 

We love the table! The size, the boldness, the sturdy legs. 

This table will be around for a long, long time and I am really looking forward to family dinners around it! 

On a side note you should all know that I had an epic crying fit at our new house on Sunday....that husband of mine he does crazy things that scare the shit out of me. 

All I can say I can not wait till we are done cutting all of the trees down......Seriously it will make my daily life much easier knowing the chainsaw has been put to rest.

Oh and almost forgot we went to wedding and got all snazzy...this is a hard thing for Branko to do...he was a tad grumpy most of the night.