Finding Treasures when Renovating...

We were determined to get back into the swing of things at the new house. We had a big schedule planned that we had hoped we could get accomplished over the weekend. 

First up the was Electrical...thankfully Branko's dad was able to help us with this which helped us save a lot of money. We were able to go over certain areas that needed new light fixtures and the spots where we wanted plugs. Most of the electrical got done other then in the 2 small bedrooms which we had not gutted out yet. 

You can  see in the below picture where we moved the sconce's around for lighting in the living room. The lighting was tricky because we don't want to cut into the ceiling so we had to determine where we can add lighting features in the walls. I am not a huge fan of sconce's in the living room but it was really our only option. 

On a side note notice how it looks like Branko doesn't have a head in the above picture! 

Next up was tearing up and removing the remaining drywall and panelling in the house. As you can see in the above picture you can now see from the living room into the bedroom. 

In doing this we discovered some things. 

We found out that for no reason they created a low ceiling in the hallway:

This ceiling was so low that I could reach up and touch it. Once we opened up the side part from the bedroom we realized that they did this just because. 

Now see the below picture with the arrow showing the ceiling and then the opening above. We plan to leave it completely open and put a light fixture up there. 

We also found this note on a piece of cardboard hidden in that spot! I might frame it and put it up on the wall somewhere! 

Once we finished with that I tackled all of the nails from the drywall that had to be pulled out. This was just from one room! 

Branko had to remove all of the drywall that they put up around the fireplace, why people would do that was beyond him but that's how it goes! 

I also tested out some blue paint on one of the walls that I knew we were scrapping:

What do you think??? I'm still at a loss and not sure what to do, but I will figure it out! Hopefully!!! LOL 

We did manage to squeeze in some fun over the weekend! Saturday night we walked over to the neighbours house and had a nice steak dinner and late night bonfire. They invited some of there other friends(one who lives in the area and we have already met). Then Sunday night we decided to have another bonfire at our place with them and the friend that lives in the area! 

Great way to end off the long weekend. Thank god the rain held off till today! 

How was everybody's long weekend??? Anybody heading out to Aberfoyle on Sat. Sept 22nd?? It's the big fall Antique Show and I am looking forward to it!!