12 Hour Days

Over the weekend we did something crazy....we worked 2 full 12 hour days. 

Saturday was cold and rainy but we kept at it and tore down most of the that board and batten. Sunday was a continuation of this job.

We were tired...actually I was completely wiped out. I have no extravagant updates...putting up plywood is boring and tiring. 

I dropped a hammer on my neck. 

I stubbed my thumb. 

I went to sleep Sat night at 8 pm and woke up Sunday at 7 am. So unlike me! 

I almost lost it Sunday night when Branko just wanted to put in 1 more hour of work. 

I have pictures. Two to be exact. 

The top portion if the picture is currently the side of the house and this area will in the future have a master bedroom addition with en-suite bathroom(dream free standing soaker tub included) and walk-in-closet. This area will be between 400-500 sq. ft. 

The bottom portion of the picture is the back of the house. You see those bushes, well there is a huge drop off there. We hope to cut down just a few trees here to allow more light into the back of the house. And yes, that ugly metal antenna stand will be coming down. 

This post became so much more detailed then I had expected...we also framed the new bath room inside and the closet for the small bedroom. 

This week and weekend will provide some major changes...by next Sunday the house will be fully wrapped, the electrical will be done, and insulation and dry wall will start to go up. 

Now that's exciting!