Aberfoyle Last Day Treasures & Home Progress Update

Everything about this weekend was so perfect. 

I was on a mission to get to Aberfoyle Antique Market before it shut down for the season. There were a few items that I really wanted to get to be able to use in our new home for décor purposes plus there was something special I wanted to get for Branko's Birthday(Oct. 31st) I know cutting it close! 

After checking the weather report Sunday morning was calling for no rain between 7 am and 10:30 am. It was my mission to not be walking around in the rain! I arrived at Aberfoyle  at 8:30 am and started on my hunt for treasures. 

I knew which dealers carried the items I wanted so I headed straight to their booths.

My first purchase: a painter's wood ladder. Now I just need to get some amazing quilts. We love to cover ourselves on the couch so when I saw this idea on pinterest I knew it would be perfect for out home. 

Painter's wood ladder: Original Price $15, Paid $10 

My second purchase: copper boiler. We use a wood fireplace...a lot. Last winter we had kindling's always laying on the side of the fireplace and it really annoyed me. So when I saw this idea on pinterest I knew it would work well in our new home. 

Copper Boiler: Original Price $85, Paid $70

Now onto Branko's Birthday gift. 

Yes, he reads the blog and yes I ready gave him his gifts because it was just too big to hide. 

The first time we went to Aberfoyle we came across a peddle car. The look on his face was like a little school boy he was so excited. The price was $400. He and I both knew we were not paying $400 for a peddle car so on we went. 

It was my mission to find a peddle car so he could hang it in his new garage. 

I searched kijiji and craigslist but couldn't find anything at a reasonable price, I even had my mom keeping her eyes open for one in her area. 

My last hope was to check Aberfoyle again. The first one I came across was $100 but in really bad shape, the second was from the same guy and he still wanted $400. Just before I was going to leave I went to check out a few last booths in a different area. There it was a fire truck peddle car. I figured he would want an arm and leg for it but I figured may as well ask. 

ME: "Excuse me, is that your peddle car? 
Dealer: "Yes it is"
ME: "How much?"
Dealer: "$25" 


 I didn't bargain. I just took it, paid and ran. 

I also picked up this coke crate for Branko. Just because he loves Coke and Coca-Cola Products. 

Peddle Car: Paid $25 
Coke Crate: Original Price $15, Paid $12

Now onto the House Update. 

Things are starting to really shape up in the new house. Each day we get more and more excited because once we see drywall go up it will start to look like a home again. 

All of the electrical is completed and almost all of the insulation has been put in on the upper level. I helped Branko with this over the weekend and damn that stuff is itchy! I had a long sleeve shirt on and gloves but seriously even after showering I still felt icky. 

Oh well, update picture of the walls being closed in:

This is exciting stuff people! 

I can't wait to show a full update with good quality photos next week. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!