THANKFUL for every moment.

So much happened this Thanksgiving weekend that I actually woke up Monday morning and couldn't believe it was already MONDAY! 

Saturday was a full day of working on the new home. We managed to almost finish all of the sub-floor that we are putting down. This includes burning all of the old pine floor that we are pulling out and laying down all of the new sub-floor with new ply-wood. 

I am very THANKFUL that Branko and I have the capability to work so well together.  To be able to understand, trust, and know that we are both putting all of our effort into this home Reno.  

Sunday morning we woke up early to finish the last room for the sub-floor so that Monday morning we would have a fresh start. 

We finished up around 11am, cleaned up and then headed down to my parents place to have a wonderful dinner with my parents, sister, brother, sister-in-law and my little niece. 

I am very THANKFUL to have such great family in my life. My mom always cooks the most amazing dinners and puts us all into a food comma afterwards. And of course being able to have a visit with that cutie in the picture my little niece Christiane. 

Monday was spent getting over my food comma! Haha kidding, we worked all day, it wouldn't be like us to just sit around. Branko's dad came over to work some more on the electrical and Branko and I started our next phase of our project. This phase is to remove all of the current siding(board and batten) put up new plywood sheets and wrap. 

I am very THANKFUL for all of our parents help. As mentioned before his father is helping us with the Electrical and my father is building new stairs and a kitchen for us. Our mother's are my décor eye's and ears! ;) 

All kidding aside we wouldn't be able to be so successful without them. 

With all of that said I will leave you with my "new bedroom" collage inspiration board. I hope to re-create that headboard. I absolutely love it right down to the wording "awake my soul". We had several solid wood dressers that were left in the house so I may just recover one them for the room. And that old window frame! I would love to put one of our wedding photos in there for our room. 

I am very THANKFUL to be able to be living out my dreams. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!