The Garage and a Surprise Update

So where have I been you ask.....

Well along with all of the other projects we have going on we also threw in "starting the garage" project. 

 call us crazy! 

This project of course couldn't have been something simple and,no,no. 

It's a massive 4300 sq. ft garage 

Every man's dream "MANCAVE" is really happening for my husband. 

Side note before I go on: you know you have the coolest wife ever when she's totally OK with this project :) 

 Back to this garage....

The details: will fit 15 cars, possibly 2 hoists, tv, couch, fridge, a place to store all sporting equipment and land equipment. 

He hopes in the future the garage will look something like this(no we do not own any of the cars in the below pics):

For now it just looks like this:

This is what we have been up too..we had to clear the land (65' x 175') - this means taking down a bazillion trees, cutting the leg open with a chainsaw, and many late night bonfires during the week to get rid of the branches.

Branko paid somebody to come and level the land because it was on slope and a garage on a slope is just not cool. 


Before I leave you today my table is stained! 

What do you think??? About the table...not the garage! ;)