Tile Shopping...

Normally when I need to make decisions I feel like I am prepared and know what I want ahead of time. 

I have my kitchen layout ready to go, already decided on wall paint colour and flooring throughout most of the house. I know exactly what kind of couch I want. Had a beautiful dining table made for us. Been scouring Home Sense for décor ideas and pinterest to make our new home as dreamy as we imagined it. 

Then Branko says to me: "Did you decide on bathroom tiles yet" 


Sadly I haven't thought about bathroom tiles or colour schemes. Even more sadly is now that we are down to the nitty gritty of this decision making I have no idea what I like. 

I've scored magazines, websites, stores. I just don't know. 

Here is what I sort of envision:

I'm sure I will figure it out....well wait I don't have a choice, I need to figure it out soon. 

On a side note we visited Home Depot again last night to ensure we are prepared for the weekend:

Side note 2: sheets of drywall are heavy...just sayin. 

If you have bathroom ideas please send them my way....soon.