Fireplace Part 2 - Stone Tile and Spray Paint

When we first bought the place we had initially thought we could install a regular wood burning fireplace in the wall and build a mantel around it. Unfortunately due to lack of space the only fireplace we could have was a sub-zero fireplace which would have cost around $6000. We both knew that was not in our budget and we also knew that we really wanted a real wood burning fireplace. 

We  Branko found this cute little wood stove on Kijiji for $200. It works well, all it needs is some TLC. 

Last night we stopped into Home Depot to take a look at tile for the fireplace and also pick up some supplies that we needed. 

Of course I made my way down the paint isle and found this:

When we initially bought the fireplace I knew that there was no way I was going to keep it looking in that rough shape, so I did some research and found out you can in fact paint the fireplace with High Heat Enamel Paint. 

Once I get the wood stove painted I will definitely update you on how it went! 

Our second purchase was a big one and unexpected! We were looking for tile for the floor part of the fireplace, something in large grey stones so that we could get the stove working and heat up the house. 

Well we started looking at the type of tile we want for the wall portion and then realized the price on it was 1/2 off compared to the regular price. 

So we purchased 14 boxes of tile that looks like this:
Note:Sorry for the lack of where this picture came from....I went search and save crazy this morning. 

Branko is ecstatic, I am having slight paranoia about the colour tones. 

Wish us luck!