Halloween and Birthdays...

This post is so off topic from home renovating.....because we took a night off!!!

Branko's birthday falls on Halloween and his younger brother's birthday falls on Oct 21st. My in-laws host a joint birthday celebration dinner on Halloween this way I get to hand out candy(we don't have neighbours just country folk that are km away) 

Of course I had to share pictures and talk about it here because I must say it has been one of the best Halloween's so far. They had more kids then usual, we had some great laughs, oh and I got a birthday gift too! (my birthday is Dec.27th) (best in-laws ever!) 

Pictures of the birthday boys....

Take note in the picture the re-used birthday candles, we all had a good laugh about that. Nick was extremely excited to blow out candles...or maybe just get it over with so we could get to the gifts. 

Nick was a little disappointed that his bag was so much smaller! As you can see Branko and their dad thought this was pretty hilarious. 

I love this picture....Happy Birthday Boys. 

Thank you to Branko's parents for hosting another great dinner and to Caity for all the great laughs while giving out candy. Those little kids brats sure kept us on our toes! 

Tonight...it's back to home renovating.