Some before and after's update...

In the past 2 weeks we have been working to really get as much drywall up as possible. Even if it's 3 sheets a night every little bit counts and now we are really seeing the big changes that we have done take place. 

Here are some pictures of before and after's, sort of 3 stages. If you are wondering why we are using a spot light it is because we replaced all of the electrical in the house and are just waiting for the panel to be replaced. So currently we just have a few outlets working. 

Living Room and Dining Room Changes:

Stage 1: Things we needed to change - the wall between the living room and dining room needed to be removed, the sliding doors and windows needed to be replaced, and the carpet was all removed. 

Stage 2: Removed the wall between the living room and dining room and inserted a new support beam, removed all of the carpet, and changed the windows and door(they are now full length fixed windows and a new French door)  

Stage 3: removed the existing hardwood floor and installed a new sub-floor, changed the dining room window(before it was 2 small sliding windows) we inserted a new support beam and new large picture window, replaced the brown entrance door with a new white door, replaced all wood panelling with new drywall and insulation. 

Kitchen Changes:

Stage 1: Kitchen needed to be completed gutted and window replaced, remove wall on the left of the picture , and close up powder room to the right of the picture (the powder room was re-configured to exit into the new mudroom that we are going to build)

Stage 2: New window installed with a new support beam, wall removed and main bathroom gutted out with a new larger window installed for the corner(fridge and pantry will be in the far left corner by that window), carpet removed, also new support beam installed to match the middle beam. 

Stage 3: Drywall! Well not completely as we need to do a few things to that wall before we put up the drywall, old hardwood removed and new sub-floor installed. 

Different view of the kitchen standing in the living room:



Other exciting things that are happening is the process of having our fireplace prepared to be used and hopefully getting our stairs this weekend! YAY for no more having to walk around outside to the basement! My dad was kind enough to offer to build our stairs. 

Hope everybody had a great weekend, let me know your thoughts on our changes :)