The Fireplace

My parents came up on Sunday to help us out at the new house. 

First thing up was the fireplace and what we needed to do to make sure we can properly install a TV above it and not burn the house down. We also need to get it working because currently we are not heating the house(ducts need to be cleaned) and in order to finish the drywall we need heat. 

The previous owners had the fireplace coming out at the top of the fireplace and the pipe running outside. We needed it to be lower so that we wouldn't have to encase the fireplace to make a mantel and put up a TV. 

As you can see in the photo below the red arrow points to where the previous owners had the opening and the new opening below that my dad and Branko created yesterday. 

This people is going to make life much can also see our cute little fireplace in the corner of this picture. We plan to re-finish this probably next year with a nice black coat of fire resistant paint. 

Here are a few pictures of the look that we hope to achieve that I found on pinterest:

Haha I know each look is sort of different but you get he idea with the "type" if fireplace that we have. We want to make the fireplace wall covered in thin stone and the bottom where the fireplace will sit is going to be similar to picture #1.

Would you do a reclaimed wood mantel or a steal beam mantel or cement mantel??? We are not sure yet. 

We also managed to somehow put up some more drywall this weekend...

Hope you all had a great weekend and if you've ever installed your own wood burning fireplace please feel free to leave some advice below.