We have stairs!

This is exciting for many reasons but most importantly we no longer have to go outside, around the house, and unlock the door to go downstairs! 

They will stay wrapped up like that until we are done the upper floor so that they don't get ruined. My dad built the stairs for us and they turned out perfectly! 

Once we start working on the basement we will build a nice storage system under the  stairs. 

Here are some inspiration pictures of storage ideas that I really like:

We also really love the idea of the 2 tone steps and will probably gear toward this:

I couldn't help myself but insert a small tile update for our fireplace! 

I found some nice tile for the base of the fireplace for $2 sq ft! Much better then $4.49 or $5.49 on very similar tiles. 

So if you are in the market for tiles make sure you check our Tile & Stone Etc. @ http://tilesandstone.ca/ 

The service was great! The girls were really helpful and the prices are pretty nice too! The store is not as clean as regular tile store as it is more of a warehouse style store but for the price point I didn't mind at all! 

If you have under-stairs storage send me a link I would love to see other inspirations.