So life has been kind of crazy lately...

With everything that we have going on in our lives in between our 2 homes things have been kind of stressful. We have so many important decisions that will affect us greatly in the future. 

I feel like Christmas has just creeped up on us. 

Christmas has always been such a special time to me. I love buying gifts for people and watching the looks on their faces when they unwrap an unexpected gift. I love spending time with all of our family. I especially love decorating and putting up the Christmas tree.

With the devastating events that happened in Connecticut last week it really made me sit back and be very thankful that I have all these things to look forward to over the Christmas Holidays and even though LIFE has been stressful I still have my family by my side. 

Then I saw this tweet from Lindsay Stephenson from @littlehouseblog:

"Someone loaded a $100 gift card at  and told the barista to let it pay for everyone who was after him. No joke."

I turned to Branko and said "oh wow, isn't that so cool!"

Branko's response " you could that" 

I walked away thinking about all of those stories you hear from people doing just that, paying for the person behind them just "because" 

So today at work(we have a Starbucks in our office building) I loaded a Starbucks card with $30 and asked the barista to pay for everybody behind me in line until the card runs out. 

I really never thought that such a small gesture could make me feel so good. I didn't turn back to see the reactions (there were about 8 people in line behind me). I quickly walked away, put a lid on my coffee and walked out of there. 

Life goes by so quickly so try to sit back and soak it all in because you never know what can happen tomorrow.....


A teeny tiny update of what has started