"Shopping" for the new home

Yesterday I managed to convince my mom to drive all around the city with me to check out some stores that I don't get to visit too often. 

We met up at square one and did some quick shopping...(not really for the home but the rest below is!)

My mom bought me this beautiful coat from Zara for my birthday! I love Zara coats and I bought a grey one last year. They have some great sales on coats right now in case you are in the market for one.

Once we finished up at the mall we headed down to West Elm. I just love this store! So many things that I want to buy for the new home. It really took everything in me to walk out of the store empty handed. No need to have new stuff sitting around collecting dust! 

But....I really love this duvet cover and have been dreaming of a grey and white bedroom for a long time. I didn't want to buy the cover just yet because our current bed is a queen and in the new house it will be a king bed. Once we left I was talking to my mom about why I didn't buy it and she quickly reminded me that I already have a king duvet(she bought it for us 2 yrs ago) 

I will definetely be going back soon to buy this....


We've always purchased the cheapest kettle when ours breaks but for the new home I have decided I am buying this kettle spotted at West Elm yesterday.....


I'm also thinking I want some dishes with colour...


Those are just a few items I saw that I really loved, we squeezed in some time for EQ3, Kitchen Stuff Plus, and Ikea. It was a full fun day of imaginary shopping(other then the coat!)


Update on the old home! 

I started painting the windows..they were a cherry red colour(which I was never a fan) but Branko initially really wanted that. Now that we will have new windows in the new part of the house we need to paint them all white to match! YAY! 

The addition is in full swing....all the framing is up and the roof is half done. Pictures to come in the next post! 

Hope everybody had a great Christmas and a Wonderful New Years!