The calm before the storm....

Working on the new house over the entire weekend was sort of therapeutic I believe for Branko and myself. We know that starting (hopefully this weekend) on the old home addition will be chaotic.  

I only say this because we want to get it done in the best timely matter that we can which means working over the holidays during our time off. 

We will still do our family dinners and my traditional shopping day in Buffalo for my birthday (Dec. 27th) but other then that it will be all home reno's. 

Yup, those are our floor plans that we designed ourself. Big risk...maybe....only time will tell. The master bedroom will have the back of the current brick fireplace which we have now decided to paint white. We are moving the laundry room to that extra room beside the wash room that way it will be removed from the current spot which is beside the kitchen. 

It's a fairly simple addition but will attract such a better buyer's market. Every single person we have talked to has said it's the best decision we could go with. 

If all goes well we will start this weekend. 


Longest post every maybe but I couldn't let the changes of our new home go missed! 

We worked there all weekend finishing up small drywall pieces. 

Here are a few photos...(sorry for the spots on the camera!) 

This is a snapshot of what it looks like when you enter the house. The kitchen is to the right and the dining area to the left. That upper peak still needs to have drywall put up. You can also see the side of the fireplace. 

The Hallway:

 We opened up that ceiling to make a peak and also moved one of the doors to the bedroom on the right of the picture. If you look closely you can see the entrance to the house in the back ground. 

The hallway that currently leads to nowhere! Eventually an addition will be added to make this hall way extend into the master bedroom. 

And last but not least - The closest we added to the smallest bedroom: 

So that's it for now boys and girls! The fireplace full update is hopefully going to come next week. Once it's installed and fulling working I will take some nice photos of that area all cleaned up. 

Hope everybody had a great weekend!