Buying on a budget

When renovating a home the most important thing we learned is that you need to keep your eyes and ears open at all times for sales at home building stores. 

Home Depot is our closest outlet for purchasing our materials to build our addition. So in that case we keep a close eye on the flyer for hardwood sales, appliances and special sales on such things as insulation. 

This will be us soon! 


Home Depot had a sale that ended yesterday where you buy 4 bags of PINK insulation and you get 1 free. 

You know what that means! We ended up getting 7 bags free and saved almost $450. It did take us 2 trips into town since we could only fit so much into our work truck, but since we drive on Vegetable oil it didn't really matter and we saved in the end. 

Next up is #projectelectrical to be done this weekend! 

Home addition deadline is on track.