It's the small things...

In the midst of building the addition to the old home we also have to do some re-arranging in the old part of the house with the furniture. 

Currently we have 2 coffee tables sitting in the living room. One table was being used as a TV stand and the other was being used simply as a coffee table. We have this lounge chair(we call it the shrink chair) and also a console table. Take note - see all the cherry red. 

You can see all of my fancy arrows in the above picture. The plan is to paint the fireplace(#projectfireplace) is coming soon and almost complete! Mount the TV above the fireplace, get rid of the TV stand in the corner and also move the console table and the shrink chair. 

Facing opposite of the living room is the dining room. Since the dining room is being moved to the new part of the house we removed the dining table last night and the shrink chair. All gone to the new home for storage. The console table has been moved in-place of the dining table under the mirror(we may remove that entirely as well once we put the house back on the market) 

Here is a sneak peek of what it is starting to look like! 

Hopefully tomorrow or in a couple of days I will be ready with my full project fireplace update and pictures of the entire space. 

Until then...Happy Renovating! 

PS: we certainly didn't just move furniture around this weekend....Branko finished all of the walls and the ceiling in the addition and I painted some more. Tonight we have somebody coming to talk about installing the new furnace and getting rid of the baseboard heating system.