Project Fireplace

In the process of building an addition, the old portion of the house needed some updating with new flooring, fresh white paint on all the windows and new baseboards....we knew the fireplace needed an update as well. 

 We had 2 choice with the fireplace. Re-face it with an updated stone or paint it. 

The more cost saving idea was to paint the fireplace. After much research and looking at tons of pictures on pinterest I decided that a nice coat of white paint will really make the  difference that we wanted to achieve. 

There were many stages in painting the fireplace like giving it a good scrub with water and vinegar, priming it and spray painting the fan covers white. 

Stage 1: Prime your heart out. Painting the brick part was pretty easy it was getting in between the bricks that was a pain. 

Stage 2: Be on the safe side and put up 2 coats of primer and then 1 coat of nice white semi-gloss paint. 

Stage 3: Mount TV on the fireplace. 

There are still a few small details we need to complete. Some portions still need to be painted around the base of the fireplace but that won't be done till we rip out the floor, the moulding around the fireplace is being replaced, the baseboards and flooring are all being changed, and I need to buy a nice shelf of some sort to put beside the fireplace for the TV box. Unfortunately it does not fit on top of the mantel. Since the final pictures were taken at night time you really don't get to see the natural day light like in the first before picture. Once we put the house back on the market we will have more updated photos. 

Now time for some relaxing: