White Paint

My latest best friend. 

My amazing husband god bless him decided to stain all of the wood window frames and door frames in the old house cherry red stain. 

That is the half wall between the kitchen and living room which he stained as well. 

He never got around to finishing them so before we put the place up for sale last year I stained the rest(against my wishes). 

Since we decided to make the house bigger (you can about that here) we I have to paint everything white now. 

In total that's 1 gigantic window, 6 smaller windows, 8 door frames and the wall. 

Once we lay down new floors and new white baseboards everything will flow nicely. The new Ikea white kitchen will help this wall not look so obvious. 

A small addition update as well:  

The framing is done and the plywood has been put up on the sides and the roof. Hopefully this weekend we will get the shingles started.

 That will lead to a more exciting post next week!