Working in the Cold

It was inevitable that "real" winter would come and we would be working on our addition in the cold. 


Mentally though I just wasn't prepared. 

The month of December and early January was so good to us, it allowed us to build our addition and gave just enough time for Branko to finish the shingles on the roof before the below freezing temps hit. 

Branko says it's mind over matter - ummmm not when my fingers are freezing. My brain just doesn't work. I'm pretty sure he is not human because he could be outside in the cold for 4-5 hrs. straight. 

I will survive....the shingles are done and some interior walls have been put up. I will have a better update next week. I promise. When the temps allow me to be outside long enough to take some good pictures. 

If you are working out in this frigid weather pointers are welcome below ;)