Project Electrical

Initially Branko and I were going to run all of the wires(Branko learned from his Dad). When he told his dad his plans for the weekend he offered to come and help him get this job done(best father-in-law ever and best mother-in-law she sent food!). I'm sure we could have done the work it would have just taken us 3 times longer. 

So.......lets back up and fully explain what had to be done. 

- Run all wiring in the new addition part of the house. 
- Connect new wiring to the old house
- Cut the floor out in the kitchen running across the old portion into the bedroom where the electrical panel resides. 
- Run wires through the joices(old part of the house) 
- Cut plywood to cover the hardwood floors we pulled out until we install new flooring
- Fix pipe leak from the dishwasher 

The start of it all:

The floor was cut out without too much trouble and the wiring was pulled. Branko's dad helped him pull most of the wiring and I helped with the last 2 yellow wires and 1 red one. :

Let me tell you...not as easy as it looks(pic taken before all wires pulled) - I stood on this side of the wall and would feed the wire from here and Branko was on the other side of the wall pulling the wire. Because the wire was cold it made it very difficult at times(as in I was using my entire body strength to pull the wire):

The panel that will be replaced:

This entire job took 2 days. The first day was pulling all of the wire in the new addition and the 2nd day(11:30am-3pm) was pulling the wire into the old house. We figured including material this entire job would have cost around $6000-$7000. 

We paid roughly around $1000 for material and labour was done ourselves. 

I was also able to get more coats of paints on the hallway doors and small bedroom and Branko fixed a pipe leak(that we sort of knew) we had from some funky smells we were getting over the summer. 

Next up....project plumbing! That cut out in the floor is going to be the same place we run the plumbing pipes to connect with the old house. 

Hope everybody had a great weekend!