Snow Day

Like almost everybody else out there that lived in an area hit by the snow storm I decided to stay home. 

My drive home Thurs. night looked like this(this was roughly around 4pm):

Snow days sure don't mean what they used to when you grow up and become an adult! Playing  in the snow and baking all day was certainly not an option. I got to work early in the morning since I had already been up. Cleaned the house and started my painting. If you  caught my previous post you know I have to paint all of the trim white. I honestly thought I would have this done much quicker but I really lack the patience to work on it straight for 8hrs. Thankfully staying home Friday allowed me to catch up and I now have only 1 bedroom left to finish. 

Here is a look at my car early in the morning...

As I watched the snow fall and more by the hour....

Digging it out was no easy task but these cars are like monsters! We actually just cleaned the snow off the top and the door access and drove it out! 

Later on in the day I decided to walk over to the neighbour's for a quick visit...snow up to me knees. 

We managed to get a lot done around the house this weekend and feel like #additiondeadline is still on track! 

As usual we headed to Home Depot Saturday night after a full days work. We normally do this so that we don't loose any precious daylight work time. 

Branko advised me we needed extra plumbing supplies and since our truck was buried in the snow we had to take my car. 

(truth be told there will be a good picture at the end of this explanation!) 

Funny enough I don't think we planned out this trip very well. I thought he only needed 1 - 12ft plumbing pipe when in fact he needed 6! Ummmmm how are we going to fit those in the car! 

We didn't bring any warm gloves or hats and here is the proof at how silly we looked...I'm sure we laughed the entire way home while freezing our butts off! 

Funny facts:

- Branko hates wearing hoods. 
- He's wearing my girly blue glove because he had to hold onto the pipes, if you look closely you can see them sticking out his window. 
- The fact that he was wearing my glove was enough to make me laugh just knowing how manly man he is! 

- And out of all of this he still has a can of coke in his hand. 

Oh the memories! I'm glad I got this shot it will go down in the record books. 

Hope everybody had a great snowy weekend! For all of you renovators out there please feel free to share some funny "how I got my supplies home" stories!