A good weekend...and staying positive

Here are some photos of what the addition looked like on Wed. Feb 27th:

This will be the dining room, the pass through from the old house will open up in here from the kitchen. 

The bathroom that is tied to the master bedroom. 

The small bedroom. 

Remember the entire addition will be 650 sq.ft. There is also a laundry room and a master bedroom. The master will have some nice views into the backyard and looking down at the creek in the backyard. 

A good weekend is when you almost finish all of the drywall(we had to leave the laundry room open so the inspector can take a look), the plumbing, the TV cables, the insulation in the entire house other then the attic is completed. That means R20 and R12 in between all of the floor joist on the floor and the sub-floor plywood has been put down in all rooms other then the laundry and part of the bathroom. 

We ran 2 x 100ft PEX piping from the old part of the house(where the water pump is) underneath the joist and into the new addition. 

Overall it was an excellent weekend! With only one downfall....it was soooooo cold. 

This is how I prepare myself to go out there and work:

I'm wearing Branko's toque because it's very warm and roomy. It doesn't pull on my hair or feel uncomfortable. I have on a long sleeve shirt underneath my Lululemon sweater plus I put on a wind breaker type jacket. I have winter work gloves that are durable and keep my hands warm. I also wear 2 pairs of socks, leggings and sweatpants. And for my feet I wear my Uggs because they are the only things that keep my feet warm. I know this may sound crazy but it has been almost -10 to -15 of some weekends. 

Me and cold don't mesh well together. 

This weekend I had an angry fit while working, that Branko will only be aware of once he reads this. To be honest I am not even sure why I was mad. I was cutting insulation to fit into the flooring and the knife was moved from where I left it. 

I was just so cold and angry that I had to look for the knife and measuring tape that I kicked the level across the room and into some stuff that was sitting on the floor. 

Thankfully I didn't break anything, I felt better after the kick

Regrouped myself and realized things could be worse! The addition is coming along nicely considering we are building in the dead of winter. 

Next week will be loaded with pictures of everything completed. We hope to start on taping and mudding the walls. The windows are ordered and should ready in about 2 weeks. I also plan to go this weekend order new counter tops, pick out bathroom tiles, and order flooring! 

This is where the fun starts right???!!!